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At CGP, we  help innovative companies across Greater China and Singapore achieve transformation  projects through the delivery of business-critical IT  professionals on consulting contracts.  We  eliminate the top-tier pricing offered by major consultancies while still sourcing  the rare, in-demand and experienced talent that you can trust to deliver your  project.

On top of that, our team of advisors and leaders in transformation will  work with you from square one to scope your project and achieve maximum  results.  While every digital and  cloud transformation project is unique, we believe that by breaking  down the specifics of what consultants can provide, we can establish a more  precise and cost-effective approach. This means you can pay for the talent  you need, without any unnecessary extras.

While we can help you save  on cost, we uncompromisingly ensure that you get the best talent for the  project, through our access to the same experienced talent as the leading  consultancies. In fact, across Greater China, and Singapore, CGP Ent Solutions  and its sister brands have been sourcing technology and transformation   professionals for some of the biggest clients in the region.

We Promise:

Competitive Value

We offer you a lower cost than the major consultancy firms with a thorough and dynamic consulting service, based on deliverables for a fixed fee within clearly defined Statements of Work.

Reduced Workload -
Reliable Collaboration

We manage your sourcing, onboarding and resource management, working collaboratively by your side.

We focus on efficiently managing your project to deliver maximum return, never trying to sell you time-wasting and cost-draining extras.

An Alternative Solution

While major consultancies can offer greater assurance and risk cover, these products come at a cost – costs that can rise substantially with scope creep.  

CGP’s Value Assurance Programme Team model is focussed on delivering an optimum solution, avoiding much of the risk with a more manageable fixed cost.

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